Celebrate the 20th Anniversary
Adventure Island Playground!

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Adventure Island Playground!

in the style of a cartoon pirate map nailed to a board - the Adventure Island Playground logoIn the year 2000, Angela and Darin Lindig, parents to Amber, age 3, and Ryan, age 2, were inspired by a story about a playground designed for children both with and without disabilities. Moved by the idea, Angela began to envision a similar inclusive playground in Idaho. Overcoming numerous challenges, they, along with a dedicated volunteer committee persevered. With the support of community leaders, including then Meridian Mayor Tammy DeWeerd, the project gained momentum. By September 2002, groundbreaking ceremonies were held, and by August 2004, the first universally accessible playground
in Idaho, was built by over 300 volunteers in a single day.

Now, twenty years later, we celebrate the legacy of Adventure Island Playground—a place where children of all abilities can learn, grow, and play together. To mark this momentous occasion, we invite you to join us for a grand 20th Anniversary Celebration and Resource Fair!

Event Details:

  • Date: August 24, 2024
  • Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Location: Adventure Island Playground, Meridian’s Settler’s Park,


  • Inspirational speeches and stories of the playground’s impact
  • Booths from various community organizations and vendors
  • Opportunities to learn about inclusion, diversity, and advocacy
  • Fun playing on the playground or in the splashpad

Call for Vendors:

We are excited to offer this opportunity to participate in our Resource Fair. If you are a business or organization that supports families and children who have disabilities, we invite you to register for a booth. There will be room for approximately 40 booths as we line the perimeter of the playground. We ask that you plan on having activities or fun giveaways for children of all ages and abilities. However, we are not allowing sales of products or food per our agreement with the City of Meridian.

How to Register a Booth:


  • Registration Deadline: July 15, 2024
  • Registration Fee: $100.00
  • Nonprofit Fee: $50.00
  • Volunteer Family Support Groups – Free
  • Contact Information: adventureIsland@ipulidaho.org

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a historic celebration and contribute to a more inclusive community. Together, let’s continue to build a future where every child can play, learn, and grow together.

Join us in celebrating two decades of joy, inclusion, and community at Adventure Island Playground!

A History of the Adventure Island Playground Project: 

Angela and Darin Lindig, parents to Amber (age 3) and Ryan (age 2), were traveling on a family vacation when Angela read a story in Family Circle magazine about a playground designed for children with disabilities. This playground allowed children with and without disabilities to play together, something the family in the story had never experienced before. Inspired, Angela shared the idea with her husband and thought it could be replicated in Idaho.

Upon returning home, Angela researched local facilities but found none. However, she discovered an organization that specialized in such projects. Angela, a member of her Regional Infant Toddler Committee, presented her findings in hopes that someone would know of resources to create such a playground. She also shared her idea at a local parks and recreation meeting, but the response was discouraging, and she temporarily shelved the project.

A year later, a newspaper article about a universally accessible playground in Florida reignited interest. People contacted Angela, asking if it was her project. A fundraising friend offered to help if Angela decided to pursue it. Motivated, Angela began gathering support, and in July 2000, thirteen people met at the Lindig’s kitchen table. Inspired by a video about Hadley’s Park in Maryland, the group, including Jim Everett, CEO of the Treasure Valley YMCA, decided to dream big.

The committee members spread the word and sought help for planning. The Land Group, Landscape Architects, agreed to create a preliminary design. Roger Howard from the Living Independently Network Corporation suggested focus groups to shape the design. Over the winter, these groups compiled research and ideas, culminating in a Saturday meeting to consolidate their plans.

The Land Group created conceptual drawings while Angela researched childhood development, educational benefits, and local disability statistics. By Spring 2001, the group realized they needed a larger partner or to incorporate as a nonprofit. Many parents had children in the JumpStart therapy program at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, and therapists from the program were involved in planning. Angela met with Annette Park at the Saint Alphonsus Foundation, who immediately supported the project, recognizing its alignment with the hospital’s goals. The foundation provided staff, services, and funding, as well as opportunities to raise awareness.

By late Summer 2001, the group was ready to fundraise, but the 9/11 disaster paused their efforts. During this time, Angela continued researching funding sources and spreading awareness through public presentations. The project’s message of education, recreation, and inclusion began to take shape.

Thanks to Meridian City Council member Tammy DeWeerd, Angela received a call from the Meridian Parks and Recreation department offering land for the playground, ongoing funding, and maintenance. Tammy DeWeerd, later elected Mayor, became a strong supporter of Adventure Island.

Fundraising resumed by Spring 2002. Angela and Jennifer Bach attended a workshop in Chicago on community builds, learning how to involve the community in constructing the playground. They shared this knowledge, fostering a sense of ownership among community members.

By September 2002, with support from community leaders, including Idaho’s First Lady Patricia Kempthorne, the groundbreaking ceremony took place. Over the next year, through public speaking, mailings, grant writing, and grassroots fundraising, hundreds of individuals and organizations contributed time and resources.

In August 2004, over 300 volunteers built The Grand Voyage in one day. As they waited for the surfacing to be poured, people visited the playground, proudly showing their contributions. Angela often visited to hear their stories, which fueled her motivation to continue.

Several people attending the ribbon cutting ceremony that officially opened the Adventure Island playground

The playground opened in November 2004 and has been enjoyed by thousands since. 

Angela also created the Treasure Seekers program, inspired by Shane’s Inspiration in Los Angeles. Four times a year, children participate in themed playdates, paired randomly with another child of similar age. They do crafts, enjoy treats, and have a picnic, fostering friendships and celebrating diversity. This program helps children and parents embrace inclusiveness, aiming for a future where diversity is naturally celebrated. They will be the next generation where hopefully, this message of inclusiveness will not have to be taught.

It will simply be.