You may notice that we've made some changes around here! 

Idaho Parents Unlimited is in the process of reworking our website to make it easier to use, easier to find things, and from our end, easier to maintain. This has been an ongoing process now since mid-summer, and we are happy to be able to start sharing it with you! 

What's been removed / relocated?

1.  First off, you will see that we made the top of the page smaller - removing the area above the navigation bar so you can get to our content easier. 
2.  If you have used the tools to adjust the size of text on our website, or to translate the site to a different language - don't worry, those relocated to the bottom of the page into the footer, where they will actually be on every page, not just the first one. 
3.  Next, we've removed the column of buttons on the left side of the front page.  All those items have been relocated into our tabbed navigation, which is below the link you clicked to see this document. 
4.  Our site search option has also been relocated to the bottom of the page. 
5.  The image that rotates and the "What is Idaho Parents Unlimited" text has been replaced with our tabbed navigation section.  The "what is.." section is expanded and relocated in the new  About/Contact Us menu item above, and the rotating images can be found below the navigation stack, and above the other page content.  

The Relocated Tools

Down in the footer of the page, and on every one of the reformatted pages, you can find the following tools:

1. Text Size Adjustment - you can adjust the size of text to be larger or smaller (or reset) to make it easier to see. 
2. Language Translator - this uses google translate to translate our content into another language. (Sometimes hilariously) 
3. A full site-search - this tool allows you to type in a term and have it look through our entire site to locate it.  

Moving these to the bottom of the page means that they no longer are just available out on the very front of our website.  

The New Homepage

1.  We collapsed everything at the top of our website into the navigation bar - We also have been working to consolidate our links, and make it easier to locate things you may want to see on our website.  (You can see that in the all new About / Contact Us section) 

This is a work in progress, and each of these major sections are being reworked - sections we have finished with and rolled out will have this new navigation bar look.  We are currently hard at it evaluating, reorganizing, and updating all our content as well.  

2. This is the new Tabbed Navigation section.  

We replaced the left hand buttons and expanded the content we wanted to make easy for you to find by relocating it here, and we tried to make it more relevant to you, by segmenting things by if it's relevant to families or professionals.   We also built a place where you can easily find all registrations we may have active at one time.  Here's a quick tour: 

2.1.  The top section will be for important announcements and will most likely always link you to a page with more information. (Starting with the link you clicked to see this!) 
2.2.  Below that are the tabs - Parents and Professionals have their own sections, and we have a dedicated tab where you will always find registration forms for any events that you will need to sign up for.   (And we may be adding tabs for other items in the future.) 
Clicking or tapping those tabs will open the tab, showing you their contents.
2.3.  This is the content for the Families tab - see below for a probably overly detailed explanation of what you see here. ;)  
2.4.  Below those tab sections are some of the issues we have up that aren't directly IPUL related, but where we are gathering feedback for partners. 

3.  Our rotating image - this used to live at the top of the page - now it's below the navigation section, and serves as a break to the page - below this you will find our website's other front page content - announcements, events, and flyers.  

4.  Our upcoming events - this is where you can find a list of the events that IPUL is participating in or sponsoring, and is a fast link to that event on our public events calendar. 

Contents of the family tab

This is an explanation of the contents of our family tab.

1. Our Scope of Work - What Does IPUL Do? / What Does IPUL Not Do?   This link explains what IPUL actually does, as well as what IPUL does NOT do.  It's also got an explanation on who it is we serve.  If you don't look at anything else, this will help to explain what we are here to do for you.   
2. Contact Idaho Parents Unlimited - (Ask Us a Question Here)  This is a link to our "connect with us" page. 

What To Expect... is an explanation of the process we use when you ask IPUL for assistance.  We want you to know what to expect.  
There are 2 main methods for asking us for help - our webform, and calling our intake line. 
Contact Us Here actually opens the webform that you fill out to ask us a question.  (This is the fastest method, as it will give us much of the information we need to begin helping you right away. It's bold for a reason. ) 
Contact Us By Phone gives you information about calling our intake line, as well as letting you know what information we need from you when you do that. 
Other Methods tells you about other methods you can use to contact us - (email, in person, social media) - which are not intended for scope of work questions. 

3. Register to Attend Our Next Monthly Training - This item will always be a live link to our registration form for the coming month's training event. (And it is duplicated over in the Registrations tab.)

4. View Our Monthly Workshop Videos - This link takes you to our list of trainings that we've done and archived for you to watch at your leisure.  

5. Join Our Mailing List For Event Information And Our e-News Update - When we have announcements of upcoming events or trainings we send them out here.  And we also do a (mostly) weekly update of our e-news - things we have posted on social media as well as other items we want you to know about.  (And once you sign up, you can change what we send you!)   

6. View Terms / Definitions (What Are Those Annoying Acronyms?) - If you have ever seen an acronym and wondered what the heck it meant, or keep running across a term that you are not sure what it means, this page contains common abbreviations and definitions for many of the terms that may be a bit cryptic-  it's still a work in progress, and if you have any suggestions that we need to add to this feel free to send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

7. Apply For A Scholarship  We are making our scholarship process for parents to attend trainings and conferences a bit more visible and easy to find by adding it to the front page.  This page contains three tabs - an explanation of the process, the Scholarship application, and the Scholarship report form. 

8.  Parent Leadership Development - Next is a section on our Parent Leadership development program, we currently have a page where you can apply for the upcoming 2020 session, read more about this at the link.  

9. Invest in Idaho Families - Donate to IPUL - Finally we have a link to our paypal account, where we hope you might help us to help others. 


The Professional tab 

The professional tab is currently much the same as the family tab, as we provide those kinds of services to professionals as well.  There are two items here that are not on the family list:

6. View our Curriculum List - Here we have our current list of workshops and presentations that we do.  This is more relevant with the next item:

7. Request a workshop or presentation for your organization  - Idaho Parents unlimited is happy to come speak to your organization and give a workshop or presentation.  We are a statewide organization, and will travel to meet with you.   We do not charge for our services.   For special requests, most of these workshops can easily be tailored to specific audiences

There will be more coming here shortly!

IPUL Registrations 

This is an easily-locatable list of all current events that we will have registration or application pages up for you to fill out.  

It's not done yet!

Like most things in life, this is a work very much in progress.  Step one was to get a new format created, and update our navigation system to make it more modern and easy to use on a small screen.  Still to come is a comprehensive overhaul of our content.  We are working to reorganize and update our content and information - the sections in our menu holding information on Health, Education, Arts, and Transition to Adulthood, as well as Resources and Partners are currently being reworked as well.  Currently those sections will still have the older format.   

We hope this new-format website will  be easier to use and navigate for you.  Should you have any suggestions  / questions, find any mistakes, or generally want to tell Bill what a fine fellow he is, feel free to email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.