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IPUL Arts houses two major programs:  IPUL’s Artist in Residence Program and Work of Art

IPUL Arts conducts art residencies statewide in Idaho schools and community centers through our Artist in Residence program. Our work ensures children and youth with disabilities are included in high quality arts education and have access to the same curriculum as their non-disabled peers.

IPUL Arts Work of Art Program provides pre-employment skills to youth with disabilities through a unique and collaborative design thinking process that engages business partners from within the community directly with the students.

IPUL is committed to providing unwavering support and resources to parents and youth, helping them to navigate the unique challenges of living with disabilities. IPUL empowers and engages people with disabilities in the creative process through opportunities that are fully inclusive, educational, and participatory.

IPUL Arts programs are provided under a contract with the State Department of Education, a grant from the Idaho Commission on the Arts, and a contract under the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Idaho State Department of Education logo - a blue circle with a lantern lighting the state of Idaho arts IDAHO in black - arts is in bold lowercase serif font with a shadow behind it, Idaho is all caps sans-serif without a shadowLogo for art works - three triangles, a red one with the point facing up, a space, then two more triangles facing down, one blue one yellow ART WORKS in all caps with arts.gov below itVR- the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation logo a large VR with an underline squiggle and black text below it


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