Literacy / Reading

Cultivating Readers

Cultivating Readers is a program that provides funds to local education agencies under a federal State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) for a multi-year professional development to district and school staff to improve reading for students with disabilities in kindergarten through third grade.   

Cultivating Readers professional development is for principals, special education directors, general and special education instructional staff, district coaches and families who serve students with disabilities in kindergarten through third grade.

Read more about it and apply for the program at the Idaho Training Clearinghouse

Supporting Students with Reading Needs Series

The Idaho State Department of Education, in conjunction with the National Center for Improving Literacy, Idaho Public Televison, the Idaho Commission for Libraries, The Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children, and Idaho Parents Unlimted produced several pamphlets as well as acommpaniying videos.  You can browse the pamplets and watch the videos listed below

Let’s Talk: Pamphlet – Mindful Minute Video

Checking The List: Pamphlet – Mindful Minute Video

Every Picture Tells A Story: Pamphlet – Mindful Minute Video

The Stories We Tell: Pamphlet – Mindful Minute Video

Reading The World: Pamphlet – Mindful Minute Video

Cooking Up Understanding: Pamphlet – Mindful Minute Video

Playing With Sounds: Pamphlet – Mindful Minute Video

Technology for Learning: Pamphlet – Mindful Minute Video

Reading For Fun: Pamphlet – Mindful Minute Video