IPUL's Social Media Policy

Idaho Parents Unlimited’s Social Media Policy

Our company policy is that all staff have been instructed to respond to work-related messages only during our regular business hours (Monday-Friday; 9:00-5:00) or during their individually scheduled hours when they are each working using company equipment and resources only. If you contact employees with their personal messaging accounts, they are instructed to not respond, other than to direct you to our official channels.

Idaho Parents Unlimited has an online presence on several different platforms. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram. While we post things on these services, we don’t constantly monitor them for private messages. Facebook specifically has been unreliable in notifying us about private messages, due to having more than one page administrator. Therefore, if you send a message to our FB inbox, you will receive an automatic reply directing you to our website intake form or phone number. We prefer to use our systems that are designed to provide appropriate assistance.

We have policies regarding staff and their personal Facebook pages as well as other social media sites – including personal cell phones (text messaging). Frequently, our staff are tagged in posts on groups and expected to respond (or they feel obligated) after regular business hours. They also receive private instant messages via this technology as well.

The best way to ask us for help is via our intake inbox, available on our website at the link that says “Contact Idaho Parents Unlimited – (Ask Us a Question Here)” or by calling our phone line at (208) 342-5884 and leaving a message on our intake line.