How IPUL Can Help You Do What YOU Do


How IPUL can help you with Education related questions

The majority of questions we tend to get at Idaho Parents Unlimited are around special education – people looking for help understanding IEP’s, navigating the difference between IEP’s and 504 Plans, securing early intervention services, improving literacy, and securing Dispute Resolution Services.  IPUL’s Parent Education Coordinators are just that – Parents who have been through the same experiences you have, and who are here to assist you in navigating the systems that seem overwhelming at times.  We can help!


How IPUL can help you with healthcare related questions

Understanding healthcare systems for children with disabilities or special healthcare needs can feel overwhelming. Idaho Parents Unlimited is here to help make the journey easier, at no cost to parents. As parents of children with disabilities, our Parent Education Coordinators bring their lived experiences, coupled with professional development, to provide you with resources you can use. Parent Education Coordinators can assist you with things like: navigating applications for Medicaid programs; strategies to maintain positive partnerships with providers; transition to adulthood questions; and so much more. IPUL is here to provide you with resources and information to assist you in becoming an informed and empowered champion for your child’s healthcare needs.

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How IPUL can Help you with Transition to Adulthood Questions

“Life is full of transitions, and one of the more remarkable ones occurs when we get ready to leave high school and go out in the world as young adults. When the student has a disability, it’s especially helpful to plan ahead for that transition. In fact, IDEA requires it.”
– Center for Parent Information and Resources

We provide guidance and expert help on that stage in a young person’s life as they move from youth to adulthood, with focus on helping those with a disabilty make the transition as smoothly as they can.  

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IPUL Arts: Our Programs

IPUL Arts houses two major programs:  IPUL’s Artist in Residence Program and Work of Art

IPUL Arts conducts art residencies statewide in Idaho schools and community centers through our Artist in Residence program. Our work ensures children and youth with disabilities are included in high quality arts education and have access to the same curriculum as their non-disabled peers.

IPUL Arts Work of Art Program provides pre-employment skills to youth with disabilities through a unique and collaborative design thinking process that engages business partners from within the community directly with the students.

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