Activity Calendar: 2020-2021  

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Here's our Activity Calendar, showing you the dates and topics we plan to train on in the coming year as well as other events we will be having.

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Idaho Parents Unlimited
Activity Calendar 2020-2021 
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August 12 - Webinar - 10 Tips for Back To School / Adjusting to the New Normal
August 26 - Lunch & Learn -Strategies to Help Identify Your Child's Strengths

September 9 - Webinar - Understanding Idaho Medicaid and School Based Services

October 14 - Webinar - Online Safety - Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe While Digital Learning
October 28 - Lunch & Learn -  Cybersafety & Apps

November 10 - Webinar - Skills for Effective Advocacy

December 9 - Webinar - Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

January 13 - Webinar - Start the New Year Organized - Stop Spinning Your Wheels
January 27 - Lunch & Learn - Self Care in the New Year: You & Your Child

February 10 - Webinar - IDEA & Understanding Your Rights & Responsibilities
Febrary 24 - Lunch & Learn - Dispute Resolution in Idaho: Exploring Facilitation 

March 10 - Webinar - Getting and Keeping the First Job (Youth and Parents) 
March 23 - Lunch and Learn - Interview with a Youth Self Advocate 

April 7 - Webinar - Having High Expectations and Developing a Strenghts Based IEP  
April 19-23 - Parent Leadership Development Institute 

MAY 12 - Webinar - Planning a Healthy Transition to Adulthood (Parents)

June 9 - Webinar Life After 18: Steps to Independent Living Including Aging out of Foster Care
June DATE TBD - Lunch & Learn - What is a Center for Independent Living

July 14 - Webinar - Transitioning Out of the Juvenile Justice System

Registration is required for webinar access.
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Event Descriptions on Reverse
Dates Accurate as of 11/25/2020 Visit IPULIDAHO.ORG for our regularly updated calendar

Event Details
Monthly Webinar: Second Wednesday of the month*
6:00 - 7:00 PM
via Zoom - Registration required
No Cost

Lunch & Learn: Dates listed on reverse
12:15 - 12:45 PM
via Facebook Live
No Cost

Saturday Workshop: Date listed on reverse
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
In-Person - Registration required
No Cost

Parent Leadership Development Institute: Annual/ Regional Rotation
In-Person- 5 Days/4 Nights
By Application/Invitation
No Cost

*unless noted otherwise due to other scheduled events

Course Descriptions - YOUTH = AGES 14-26

Major Theme: Special Education
Target Audience: P=Parents Y=YOUTH

10 Tips for Back to School - discussion to help parents prepare their children for a positive start to the new school year. Tips include: Creating a snapshot of your child, and developing any necessary plans for safety, behavior, emergencies and understanding education in this new time.

Success with the IEP & Strentgth Based IEP's - This workshop walks parents through the process of IEP eligibility, development, and implementation. Parents and youth learn how to work with their IEP teams to ensure Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance statements are strengthbased to promote high expectations in each student.

IDEA & Understanding Rights & Responsibilities & Facilitation/Dispute Resolution - an in-depth review of the Procedural Safeguards as defined in IDEA to ensure their student’s individualized education program is appropriate for their specific needs. They are also provided with information about Idaho’s formal and informal processes for resolving disputes and how to access the Office of Dispute Resolution at the State Department of Education

Identifying Your Child's Strengths - Parents and youth learn how to work with their IEP teams to ensure Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance statements are strength-based to promote high expectations in each student. Participants will gain useful strategies to identify strengths and use them to support their students learning and progress

Major Theme: Advocacy / General  
Target Audience: P=Parents Y=Youth

Parent and Professional Collaboration - Because of the different strengths parents and professionals bring to collaboration, there are different actions each can take to make the relationship more productive. This training discusses what both parents and professionals can do to strengthen these relationships.

The Power of a Personal Story - Parents and Youth learn the importance of advocacy when working within multiple systems that impact their children or themselves. Participants will learn how to craft an effective personal story related to an issue that can be used to influence changes to systems, policies, or rules.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports - This training will provide parents resources for addressing behavior. Additional information about functional behavior assessments and behavior interventions that can be used in home, school, and community settings will be provided.

Online/Cyber Safety - Parents and youth will understand the importance of staying safe in the digital world. Children and youth with disabilities are most vulnerable to online predators who have easy access to them. Parents and youth learn about dangerous apps and privacy settings.

Self Care - Learn strategies to recognize and implement self care for positive mental health for your self and for your child.

Serving on Groups - Comprehensive training for individuals who want to make a difference in their community by serving as a member of a decision-making group. This resource was developed through a collaborative effort between statewide agencies, school representatives and family members.

Parent Leadership Development Institute - An annual regional program with the intent and purpose of developing community leaders based on interests and needs of attendees and their community. PLD aims to develop key partners in IPUL’s grassroots network of community leaders. Participants are selected primarily based on the location of the annual PLD.

Major Theme: Health Care
Target Audience: Parents

Understanding Idaho Medicaid - This in depth training covers the complexities of Idaho’s Medicaid services and programs.

Stop Spinning Your Wheels-Getting Organized - Participants will be given tools to identify their particular needs and how to talk with their child’s educational and health care providers to ensure a system of coordinated care in childhood and in transition to adulthood.

Planning a Healthy Transition to Adulthood - This training prepares youth for transitioning to adulthood with a goal of independent living including managing their personal health needs.

Major Theme: Transition to Life After 18
Target Audience P=Parents Y=Youth

Getting and Keeping Your First Job - Participants will learn about the importance of employment for all and its particular impact on people with disabilities. The critical role of families and engaging youth in career planning as well as maintaining high expectations of youth are included 

Planning a Healthy Transition to Adulthood -  This training prepares youth for transitioning to adulthood with a goal of independent living including managing their personal health needs.

Supported Decision Making - Detailed discussion about Supported decision making and how it can help allow people with disabilities to retain their decision-making capacity by choosing supporters to help them make choices about their lives and their future. 
Life Planning After 18 - Alternatives to Guardianship and an exploration of the many different paths to support independence for individuals with disabilities after they turn 18.

Aging Out of Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems 

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