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What Families Need to Know about Changes in Special Enrollment Periods.

 There are now changes in circumstances which will no longer qualify for special enrollment. Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) allow consumer to enroll in a Marketplace health insurance plan outside the open enrollment period that occurs near the end of each year. Find out what changes were made to SEPs, why this happened, and what families need to know. Click here

What are the Penalties for Not Getting Insurance?

Most people who can afford to buy health insurance but don’t do so will face a penalty, sometimes called a “shared responsibility payment.” The requirement to have health insurance, which began in 2014, applies to adults and children alike, but there are exceptions for certain groups of people and those who are experiencing financial hardship.

For 2014, the penalty is the greater of a flat $95 per adult and $47.50 per child under age 18, up to a maximum of $285 per family, or 1 percent of the portion of your family’s modified adjusted gross income that is more than the threshold for filing a tax return. That threshold is $10,150 for an individual, $13,050 for a head of household and $20,300 for a married couple filing jointly.

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Affordable Care Act and HRSA Programs 

A primary goal of the Affordable Care Act is to help uninsured Americans gain access to quality, affordable health care. Central to this goal is the creation of the Health Insurance Marketplace. Through the Marketplace, eligible Americans will be able to enroll in an affordable health plan to get coverage that starts as early as January 2014.

Provider Marketplace Toolkit

Information for persons living with HIV

State by State Information

Health Insurance Marketplace

For Consumers

The Family Voices National Center forFamily/Professional Partnerships has a range of new materials that we hope you will find useful: 

How Immigrant Status Affects Eligibility for Health Plans in the Marketplace

Partnering with Health Plans - Families of children/youth with special health care needs play a critical role in partnering with their child's provider.

Parents Partnering - You can develop partnerships with our child's doctors and other providers. 

Alphabet Soup - A Glossary of Health Care Terms for Families of Children/Youth with Special Health Care Needs/Disabilities

Family-to-Family Data Report -Family-to-Family Health Information Centers (F2F HICs) are statewide initiatives that assist the families of more than 11.2 million children/youth with special health care needs or disabilities.

Clarification of Medicaid Coverage of Services to Children with Autism

In response to increased interest and activity with respect to services available to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), The Center for Medicaid and Chip Services (CMS) is providing information on approaches available under the federal Medicaid program for providing services to eligible individuals with ASD. See article here.

Your Health Idaho

Your Health Idaho (YHI) is Idaho's insurance marketplace, sometime referred to as an exchange, for individuals in Idaho who want to shop for, compare and choose a health plan that fits their needs and their budget. Here is a list of PDF files from YHI to help guide you:

Frequently Asked Questions

Group Plan for Non-Profits

Consumer Connectors - Get Assistance with Enrollment

Enrollment Options

Enrollment Worksheet

Health Insurance For a Family or Individual

Small Business Fact Sheet

Student Fact Sheet

Tribal Communities Fact Sheet

Pocket Card (Spanish and English)


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Income Guidelines for The Children's Health Insurance Plan

Family to Family Health Information Center Fact Sheets

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