Idaho Parents Unlimited Curriculum List

This is a list of the workshops that Idaho Parents Unlimited gives on a regular basis.   For special requests, most of these workshops can easily be tailored to specific audiences.  We are happy to come to your organization and provide a presentation or workshop for you - you can request that here.

You can see our yearly schedule of workshops here.

What is Idaho Parents Unlimited ?
This presentation gives a brief history of IPUL, our program areas, and our current scope of work.  Parents and / or professionals will be given an overview of how IPUL provides assistance.  This presentation also breaks down myths and mysteries of Parent Training and Information Centers.  (Things we don’t do.)

Early Childhood: Moving on from early intervention services. IFSP to IEP  
Parents will learn how to prepare for the transition from an Individualized Family Service Plan (Infant and Toddler Program services)  to an Individualized Education Plan (if eligible) at age three and/or other community-based services. 

Special Education: 10 tips for back to school success
This workshop includes a discussion to help parents prepare their children for a positive start to the new school year.  Tips include: Creating a snapshot of your child, working with new IEP team members, and developing any necessary plans for safety, behavior, emergencies and more.  

Special Education 101 – IDEA  
Participants will learn the Special Education process as defined under (IDEA) Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.   This training includes a brief discussion about the beginning steps of the special education evaluation process, followed by an in-depth discussion on how to write goals for students that focus on their strengths to help them make progress and be successful.
Success With the IEP – Rights and Responsibilities and Resolving Disagreements
Parents will be given information about the procedural safeguards as defined in IDEA to ensure their student’s individualized education program is appropriate for their specific needs.  They will also be provided with information about Idaho’s formal and informal processes for resolving disputes. 
Cybersafety and Bullying Prevention - Intervention Strategies for Parents of Children with Disabilities  
This workshop is designed to introduce parents and professionals to a range of intervention strategies for the child who is the target of bullying and approaches that can be used by the parent, child, family, and school.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports
This training will provide parents resources for addressing behavior. Additional information about functional behavior assessments and behavior interventions that can be used in home, school, and community settings will be provided. 

Getting and Keeping the First Job
Participants will learn about the importance of employment for all and its particular impact on people with disabilities. The critical role of families and engaging youth in career planning as well as maintaining high expectations of youth are included. This training includes basic job search activities as well as skills that help youth with disabilities keep the jobs they get. - This training is for both Youth and Parents.

Planning for a Healthy Transition
This training prepares youth for transitioning to adulthood with a goal of independent health care management. Topics include managing appointments, medication, oral health, mental health, and more.

Get Organized and Stop Spinning Your Wheels - Advocacy and Coordination Strategies  for Your Child’s Special Health Care Needs
You will learn about  the comprehensive, coordinated approach to health care for children and youth with special health care needs.  Participants will be given tools to identify their particular needs and how to talk with their child’s providers to ensure a system of coordinated care. Parents will be provided strategies to be an effective advocate and what additional resources they may need,  and also learn how to setup and maintain a filing system and develop care notebooks for their children with disabilities and special health care needs, including emergency preparedness.

Working for Change- Using the Power of a Personal Story
Parents and Youth will understand what advocacy is and why it is important when working within multiple systems that impact their children or themselves. Participants will craft an effective personal story related to an issue that can be used to influence changes to systems, policies, and / or rules.

Understanding Idaho Medicaid and Navigating Systems
This in-depth training covers the complexities of Idaho’s Medicaid services and programs.  Topics include SSI and Medicaid eligibility, developmental disabilities, behavioral health, CHIP, and more.