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Welcome To Idaho Parents Unlimited

CID is looking for feedback regarding Veyo

The Consortium for Idahoans with Disabilities is collecting information regarding issues that people with disabilities (and/or parents of children with disabilities) may be experiencing with non-emergency medical transportation being provided by the new managed care organization Veyo.

CID is sharing these concerns with the Department of Health and Welfare, legislators, and Veyo in an effort to determine what problems may exist and how to provide immediate solutions. 


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IPUL is hiring!

Idaho Parents Unlimited, Inc., an organization that provides training, resources, support, and one to one assistance for parents of children with disabilities and special health care needs, as well as accessible and inclusive arts programming is seeking a Parent Education Coordinator in the main office in Boise.

- Necessary skills: Strong knowledge of and experience with Idaho Special Education and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

- Must be comfortable with public speaking.

- Must have strong verbal and written communication skills.

- Knowledge of health care/medical/insurance/Medicaid policies for children with special health care needs.

- Must have an understanding of family-centered care, family-engagement, and the importance of parent and professional collaboration.

- Must be highly resourceful.

- Must be professional and have an understanding of privacy laws and ethical guidelines.

- Additional helpful skills: Bilingual, knowledge of community resources and/or experience with arts education and accessibility.

- Must be a resident in the State of Idaho

- Must have the ability to set up a confidential, professional home office

While the general position hours are set between 9-5 on weekdays, due to training workshops, the position requires flexibility and will include evenings, weekends, and extensive travel both in-state and out-of-state.

Approximately 30-40 hours per week/$12.00 per hour.

Please email your resume to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please no phone calls. Deadline for applications is August 26, 2016

Parents of children with disabilities strongly encouraged to apply. EOE.


Coming Soon!

For assistance in attending, please look at our scholorship program:

-2016 Idaho CEC Fall Conference

CEC tims-PLace

Evening of October 6th
-Come meet Tim Harris, free! 

October 7th 

The following workshops to be presented by IPUL at the CEC conference in October:

(There are only a few spots left for parents on Friday, October 7th. You can register on our website - we'll cover the registration fee!)

PART 1: Creating Strength-Based IEPs that Lead to Better Student-Led IEPs, Self-Determination, Family Engagement, and Inclusive Communities

~Angela Lindig and Jennifer Zielinski

This two-part presentation will walk participants through the steps of the Individual with Disabilities Education Act and provide a rich understanding of how to create a strength-based IEP. Participants will learn how to focus on a child's strengths and needs rather than weaknesses, and they will spend time practicing writing statements of present levels of performance. This will set the foundation for part two of the presentation.

PART 2: Creating Strength-Based IEPs that Lead to Better Student-Led IEPs, Self-Determination, Family Engagement, and Inclusive Communities

~Angela Lindig and Jennifer Zielinski

Part 2 of this presentation will focus on understanding why strength-based IEPs are critical to ensuring a student is receiving his or her education in the least restrictive environment and how it sets them up for positive student-led IEP meetings or better student participation. The workshop will also discuss how to write self-determination and inclusion goals into an IEP that lead to better transitions to adulthood and positive parent engagement opportunities.


Skills for Effective Parent Advocacy and the Power of a Personal Story

~Amy Ireland and Brandi Shaffer

The goal of this presentation is to empower parents so they can become effective
advocates for their children and receive the services their child needs. This will be achieved by providing information and an opportunity to practice skills in a supportive environment. Advocacy is a skill best practiced, but many parents need a solid foundation to start with. This foundation is composed of the key knowledge areas of:
understanding their child’s disability, knowing the key players, knowing their rights and responsibilities, being well organized, using clear and effective communication, and knowing how to resolve disagreements. This presentation also includes information on resources that parents may find helpful.

Getting and Keeping the First Job

~Amy Ireland and Brandi Shaffer

“Getting and Keeping the First Job” is a workshop designed to help families understand the realities of employment for all youth, with a special emphasis on strategies youth with disabilities can use to improve employment prospects.

This workshop discusses the importance of work and what some youth with disabilities experience as they attempt to enter the job market. It highlights the crucial role self-awareness, career planning, and families play in the process.Topics include: writing a resume, being interviewed, identifying job accommodations if necessary, and deciding whether or not to disclose a disability to an employer. The workshop focuses on the importance of having high expectations for the employment of youth with disabilities, and that begins by expecting all youth to build work skills and bring a good attitude to the job search.

Literacy is for All

~ Angela Lindig and Brandi Shaffer

Literacy is about the connections between listening,
speaking (with one’s own voice, hands or technology), thinking, reading and writing. Becoming literate should be a process that begins at birth. All children, regardless of their age, their culture, economic background, age or the severity of disability, should have access to stories and books and instruction in reading and writing. This is a highly interactive training that involves a hands-on activity.

Understanding Learning Disabilities

~ Jennifer Zielinski and Amy Ireland

Learning disabilities can be difficult to identify and treat. Idaho Parents Unlimited has put together a training that can help parents identify and understand the different types of learning disabilities and find out how to get the proper testing, supports, and accommodations. A learning disability can cause a person to have trouble learning and using certain skills. The skills most often affected are reading, writing, listening, speaking, reasoning, and doing math. Finding the proper support and truly understanding this disability is the key to your child's success. This presentation will help parents to understand learning disabilities, how they may affect performance in school, and what they, along with their child's teachers, can do to assist them.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

~ Jennifer Zielinski and Amy Ireland

Positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS) are principles that help all children improve their behavior at school, at home, and in the community. The benefits are enormous. When children are in positive, predictable, consistent environments, they have better grades, better behavior, higher self-esteem, better school attendance, greater motivation, and more success in life. Schools practice PBIS. As a parent, you can too. This presentation will show you how to use positive approaches to teach your child new behavioral skills to use at home and in the community and that will be important throughout life.

Understanding ADHD

~ Angela Lindig and Brandi Shaffer

This presentation will help families and educators to understand the various potential causes and symptoms of ADHD and how it may be affecting their lives at home and in the school setting. Parents will obtain information on section 504 accommodation plans at school as well as special education. They will also be given specific information on how to address behaviors and how to best support their child. Finally, the presentation offers many strategies for teams - whether 504 or IEP - to help the child be as successful as possible in school. This presentation will be delivered by IPUL's Angela Lindig and Brandi Shaffer - both of whom have personal experiences, insights, and practical strategies as they both have children who have an ADHD diagnosis.



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For assistance in attending, please look at our scholorship program:


August 2016 Newsletter (.pdf) 

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What is Idaho Parents Unlimited?


Founded in 1985, Idaho Parents Unlimited, Inc. (IPUL) is a statewide organization which houses the Idaho Parent Training and Information Center, the Family to Family Health Information Center, Idaho Family Voices, and VSA Idaho, the State Organization on Arts and Disability. 

The Parent Training and Information Center ensures that parents of children with disabilities receive training and information on their rights, responsibilities, and protections under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in order to develop the skills necessary to cooperatively and effectively participate in planning and decision making relating to early intervention, educational, and transitional services.

As the State Family Voices Affiliate and the Family to Family Health Information Center, IPUL assists families in making informed choices about health care; provides training, information and resources to families of children with special health care needs.

VSA Idaho empowers and engage people with disabilities in the creative process through opportunities which are fully inclusive, educational and participatory. VSA Idaho creates opportunities by providing professional training and workshops, developing state initiated projects and implementing successful national programs. VSA Idaho in cooperation with funding through various sources such as the State Department of Education and the Idaho Commission on the Arts provide opportunities for artists to work alongside teachers providing quality arts education to students with disabilities throughout the state.

Idaho Parents Unlimited's programs fulfill a mission to educate, empower, support and advocate for individuals with disabilities and their families.  



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A.            Ability to assist all staff in office administrative duties.  IPUL staff all share in the responsibilities of cleaning, office maintenance, organization, some heavy lifting, errands, and other miscellaneous duties.  

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